In Walter Asmus’ critically-acclaimed staging of three one-woman plays by Samuel Beckett, Irish actor Lisa Dwan masterfully triangulates the existential void. In Not I, a woman—reduced to a mere mouth, suspended in total darkness—seeks solace in a blisteringly paced stream of her own broken speech. In Footfalls, a tattered soul, drained of life, paces relentlessly outside her dying mother’s bedroom. And in Rockaby, a woman slowly withdraws from the world, rocked to eternal sleep in her mother’s chair. This production drew ecstatic reviews at BAM in 2014, Royal Court Theatre and in the West End.

Samuel Beckett’s “Not I” – Lisa Dwan Mouths Off

BBC Interview with Lisa Dwan


Article: Lisa Dwan & Walter Asmus by Michael Coffey
”I am not a human being up there, true, and I am not a woman. I’m consciousness.”

Article: Actress Lisa Dwan Retires a Bruising Beckett Role (Wall Street Journal)

Article: Lisa Dwan Presents he Internationally Acclaimed Becket Trilogy: Not I / Footfalls / Rockaby (
“Dwan had been performing Not I since 2005, directed by Natalie Abrahami. The Times of London said Dwan ‘turned what is commonly regarded as the hardest role an actor can tackle into a tour de force.'”

Review: Time is of the Essence in a Mesmerizing Beckett Trilogy (Boston Globe)
“‘Not I,’ ‘Footfalls,’ and ‘Rockaby’ clock in at just an hour, but after you leave the theater you may find yourself aching to repeat one or another, to catch something you are sure you missed the first time around, to keep up with the pace. And isn’t that exactly Beckett’s point about the way we approach our lives?”

Article: New Press Releases: Beckett Trilogy (

April 13-16, 8:00PM
April 16, 2:00PM
April 17, 3:00PM

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FUN FACT: the former NYU President, and Founder and Executive Producer of the NYU Skirball Center also proposed the construction of the Glucksman Ireland House at NYU. His name was Dr. L. Jay Oliva, and he was the son of an Italian father and Irish-speaking mother from County Galway, Ireland.

NYU Skirball’s Irish roots are strong. And we are proud of it.

This is perhaps why the much-anticipated Beckett Trilogy has brought together international communities from across NYU who seem to be veritably fascinated with not only Beckett’s surrealist plays, but with Irish culture in general.

The Beckett Trilogy is just what it sounds like: a series of three short plays written by Samuel Beckett called Not I, Footfalls, and Rockaby. And if Beckett is writing them, you know the plays are going to be emotionally jarring, minimalist and groundbreaking—all at the same time. (In Beckett’s words, Not I consists solely of “a moving mouth with the rest of the stage in darkness.” Jarring. Minimalist. Groundbreaking.) They all happen to be one-woman plays.

Who knew Beckett was such a feminist?

As it turns out, he had a 25-year long relationship (talk about long-term!) with actress Billie Whitelaw, for whom he wrote these spectacular one-woman pieces. The roles were often physically and mentally demanding on Whitelaw: “Sam knew I would turn myself inside out to give him what he wanted,” Whitelaw explains in a New York Times article dated April 1996.

After ten years of interpreting these pieces around the world, Walter Asmus’ critically acclaimed rendition starring Lisa Dwan, who is currently in-residence at the NYU School for Ballet and the Arts, comes to NYU Skirball.

In a similar tradition to Whitelaw’s collaboration with Beckett, according to The Wall Street Journal, Dwan has “pulled muscles in her calf, developed migraines and after performances, has temporarily lost vision in one of her eyes and lost feeling in her face. After each run, she is covered with cuts, scabs and bruises. The harness cuts her ears, leaving her bleeding after many shows.” Performing Beckett, she says, injuries aside, has been a “tremendous privilege and gift.”

These three pieces, considered some of the last great modernist works and key productions in what scholars call the “Theatre of the Absurd”, is celebrated this April on Beckett’s birthday with a post-show conversation featuring Lisa Dwan and Sir Salman Rushdie, laureate critic of magical surrealism and cultural revivalism, hailing from British India. These performances mark the conclusion of Skirball’s Visions + Voices Global Performance Series.

The Irish Cultural Society at NYU, a new group of Irish culture students who are partnering with NYU Skirball to involve a focused audience of NYU students, will be joining us to share their club’s mission and participate in the festivities. So if it’s cultural exchange you want, you got it…with a side of theatre!

The Beckett Trilogy will be on stage at NYU Skirball Center for a little under a week, between April 13th and 17th, and student tickets are, as always, $15 with the code on this website.

by Nicole D’Alessio
NYU Class of ’17


Igudesman and Joo

If Trey Parker and Matt Stone played the violin and piano, if Penn and Teller performed music instead of magic, and if Seth Macfarlane had a twin, they would be the brilliantly outrageous Igudesman & Joo. Violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Hyung-Ki Joo are the inventive comic duo whose hilarious mix of music, pop culture and pure zaniness has won them fans of all ages and cultures worldwide. As evidence, their YouTube sketches have attracted close to 40 million viewers.

The New York Times said of their artistry, “Their blend of classical music and comedy, laced with pop culture references and a wholly novel take on the word slapstick, is fueled by genuine, dazzling virtuosity.”

Igudesman & Joo’s website

Igudesman & Joo: ‘I Will Survive’ on NPR

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And Now Mozart at NYU Skirball March 25th and 26th



In sixty minutes of beautifully orchestrated circus-theatre chaos, seven young acrobat-adventurers defy a tsunami of unstable forces with optimism, dark humor and breathtaking physical skills. L’Immédiat is a tumultuous visual commentary on the uncertainty and mayhem of modern times. Created by the award-winning Camille Boitel, a founding figure from James Thierrée’s Junebug Symphony Company, L’Immédiat was awarded the Prix Mimos in 2010.

L’immediat’s trailer
L’immediat’s Stage Set Up

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Post-Show Discussion and Q&A, March 10
Join us directly after performance for a post-show discussion and Q&A with the cast of L’immediat, moderated by Nancy Smithner, Clinical Associate Professor of Educational Theatre, NYU Steinhardt.

Panel on Physical Theatre in the Arts, March 11, 11am-12:30pm
Location: Center for Ballet and the Arts – 16 Cooper Square, NYC
Join us for a discussion about the utilization of physical theatre in various art forms, including circus, acrobatics, puppet making, performance studies, and more. Panelists include: Matt Acheson (AchesonWalsh Studios), Camille Boitel (creator of L’immediat), and Gypsy Snider (The Seven Fingers).

Post-Show Discussion and Q&A, March 11
Join us directly after performance for a post-show discussion and Q&A with the cast of L’immediat, moderated by Nancy Smithner, Clinical Associate Professor of Educational Theatre, NYU Steinhardt.