TheaterMania Block Party to Kick Off National Arts in Education Week!

You wouldn’t believe how into theatre kids get.

On Sunday September 13th, NYU Skirball participated in the annual TheaterMania Block Party as part of the larger Third Avenue Street Fair. In case you missed it, this year TheaterMania had a ton of amazing performances and a lot of the arts organizations that participated gave out some fantastic prizes, like tickets to Broadway shows, T-shirts, and other gifts. The theme was “Carnival of Theatre” and NYU Skirball went all out!

FullSizeRender (2)

NYU Skirball student staff members Nicole D’Alessio and Ashley Miskoff showing of some of the activities in the Skirball booth.

Across the street, a very tall man in a feathered pirate costume played the accordion. Musical theatre casts sang on a platform-stage. And kids and their families flocked to NYU Skirball’s table for a chance to win prizes in our game of chance. We set up a hula-hoop and bean bag toss competition for those brave enough to participate.


FullSizeRender (3)


Everyone who stopped by had a blast and even won some Skirball prizes like this awesome Frisbee!

FullSizeRender (1)

Our kid-friendly theatrics are not only present during street fairs—NYU Skirball offers a host of events that entertain children and adults alike, year round, during our Big Red Chair Family Series.

Enthralling interpretations of classic books like Where the Wild Things Are and Goodnight Moon are sure to excite your family. Before each performance there is lobby activity planned with families in mind. All are invited to participate in our educational and creative projects an hour before the show to get a sneak peak into some of the themes that appear in the performance.

Our Big Red Chair Family Series is even suitable for the youngest of audience members!


By the end of the day, even NYC’s finest were excited about theatre…and not too shabby at the hula-hoop competition.


Thanks to all the folks who were a part of our party at the TheaterMania Block Party this weekend–shout out to all our winners!

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